I started reading blogs about two years ago, when I was planning my Chicago wedding. I read blogs about wedding dresses, invitations, flowers, themes... everything you can possibly imagine! I was overwhelmed by the number of creative and fantastic ideas out there... and by the bloggers' willingness to share them! I spent hours pouring over pictures galore, wishing I could plan a dozen weddings just to use all the fun ideas I saw (ok, not really... planning one was stressful enough!).

After the wedding was over, I felt a void. I still perused the occasional wedding blog... but I didn't exactly have a use for the latest invitation suite or guest book idea. But I decided that the fact that I had multiple friends get married this summer was excuse enough!

And then I found baking blogs. Actually, it all started when I clicked on a link somewhere to thepioneerwoman.com (I'll have to figure out how to make fancy links one of these days). I was instantly transported to Ree's life on an Oklahoma ranch - the kids, the cows and the daily adventures. If you've never read Ree's blog, you really must! Along with hilarious stories, she has tons of great recipes and photography tips! From there I linked to another cooking/baking blog.... and then another, and another and another! I found blogs like Smitten Kitchen, Tartlette, and Bakerella, just to name a few! And although I got tons of inspiration and ideas... there was no follow through. I didn't bake a single thing! (Ok, I made one of Ree's salad's for a BBQ once... but it was only a salad for Pete's sake!)

So after much deliberation (almost 15 whole minutes last week) I decided to start my own blog. Part of this decision came because I wanted to join the blogging group Tuesdays with Dorie, where a bunch of bloggers all take turns picking a recipe from Dorie Greenspan's Baking: From My Home to Yours. Turns out there's one eensy weensy requirement for joining a blogging group - A BLOG. And so A Lawyer in the Kitchen was born. I have no idea if anyone will actually read this blog (except my mom.... and my husband) but I think it will be a fun way to push myself to try new things in the kitchen! And who knows, maybe I'll talk about other things... decorating, crafting, entertaining, shopping.... what was I thinking becoming a lawyer? Thanks for reading... and look for my first Tuesdays with Dorie post tomorrow!