TWD: Chocolate Souffle

Souffles have always been something that intimidated me... in a baking sense of course. The idea that they're supposed to puff up just right and still manage to look good always seemed a little out of my league. Probably why I don't make bread from scratch very often (except with the bread maker - it's so much easier!) So I was excited but a little nervous to see this week's selection - chocolate souffle.

I made individual souffles in ramekins instead of making one larger souffle. And I have to say - they turned out really well! And tasted even better. Here they are rising in the oven:

They overflowed a bit. I've read that you can use parchment paper and a rubberband to make "collars" to prevent this. I'll probably try that next time. But I have to say, the recipe was amazingly easy to follow and came together pretty quickly. Here's the finished product:

It's a good thing I had my camera ready - about two seconds after I took this picture they started to fall (maybe the parchment paper would help that as well). But they were delicious - light, creamy, and decadent without being too rich.

Be sure to check out She's Becoming Doughmesstic for the recipe. And thanks to Susan for a great pick!

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  1. They look wonderful to me! At least you didn't forget the egg yolks like I did! LOL