TWD: Chocolate-Crunched Caramel Tart

Chocolate. Caramel. Peanuts. Yum.
Carla of Chocolate Moosey selected Chocolate-Crunched Caramel Tart as this week's recipe for Tuesdays with Dorie. I've been looking forward to it all month - anticipating it would be sort of like a tart version of a snickers bar.

The challenging part of this recipe is making the caramel. That's right - making the caramel. No sundae topping caramel from a jar here. No unwrapped and melted Kraft caramels in this tart. Just sugar, butter, light corn syrup, and heavy cream. Burning the sugar is totally anxiety-producing. I followed Dorie's recommendation and measured out everything ahead of time. That helped. My mom was also in town to visit and supervised my sugar-burning debauchery. That also helped. (Thanks, mom!)

Overall it turned out really well!! I shouldn't have baked the crust quite so long, but it turned out like shortbread and tasted good. The caramel had the tiniest burnt flavor in spots, but stayed really creamy for the most part. And the ganache was delicious. I used an 11 inch tart pan (the only one they had at BB&B) but it worked just fine.

Check out that caramel-peanutty-goodness! Two thumbs up for this recipe - Mr. QC agrees! Up next week: my first crack at homemade pudding.

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  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I skipped that recipe and I'm a little sorry I did. It looks well worth the time.