MSC: Candied Sweet Potato Cupcakes

My second MSC post! MS Cupcakes Club is another online baking group where, once a month, we bake cupcakes from Martha Stewart's fabulous cupcake book. Last month was pumpkin cupcakes, and in keeping with the holiday theme, this month's selection is Candied Sweet Potato Cupcakes.

Now I wouldn't normally associate sweet potatoes (as much as I love them) with cupcakes. But they made them really soft and moist, and added great flavor. The cupcakes are topped with mini marshmallows that have been "toasted" in the broiler. It was a little tough to get the mounds of marshmallows to stay together long enough to stick the pan in the broiler... and they certainly didn't take long to brown! I was afraid that once cooled the marshmallows would have a funny texture or would harden back up, but they stayed soft and gooey, and were a great addition to the cupcakes.

These would be great for Thanksgiving, or any fall party. Thanks to Karen from Karen's Cookies, Cakes & More for this month's selection!


  1. Those look great to me. They were good.

  2. We made these for Thanksgiving and again last night, to take with us to Emily's work Christmas party. They are so delicious!

    The first time, we did marshmallows, though we used two different methods. After reading about your difficulty with the marshmallows on top, I decided to put my marshmallows in little circles (one inner marshmallow with a ring of outer marshmallows) in a muffin tin, pop them under the broiler, then transfer them to the cupcakes. Emily was less patient for the second go around on the first batch, so we just tossed a bunch on top of the remaining cupcakes like you did.

    This time, though, Emily picked up some cream cheese icing to use, which sounds like it will be pretty tasty!

    Thanks for the recipe!

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