Same Lawyer, New Kitchen!

So I have missed several TWD posts.... I DID make the All-in-One Holiday Bundt for Thanksgiving (it was quite delicious) but haven't gotten around to posting about it.

The reason I've been MIA is because the LITK family has moved! We closed on a condo last week (after a very long and stressful process... which is a whole other story) and moved into our first home on Saturday! There are still lots of boxes to unpack, but we love it and are super excited to be homeowners!

Unfortunately that means all of my cookbooks have been in a box for weeks. I was thinking about baking up some sables for this week's TWD but yesterday we discovered that our gas had been turned off (that's right... the gas company discontinued our service instead of just transferring it into our name!). That means no oven and thus no baking until further notice. Unfortunately the gas company won't be out to start our service until Friday (which also means we have no heat or hot water until then!) but I've got lots of baking planned for this weekend. And I'll post about the delicious bundt cake too... it would be great for holiday parties or Christmas get togethers.

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  1. Congrats on the new home! The cookies were delicious and I am sure you will love them when your gas gets turned back on and you can bake them.