MSC: Coconut Cupcakes

After missing the December MSC pick (Gingerbread cupcakes - yum!) I am back in action with January's cupcake - coconut. The cupcake itself has finely ground shredded coconut and coconut milk, while the frosting calls for coconut extract. I didn't have coconut milk or extract and we're on a little bit of a budget in the LITK household... so I used regular milk and added extra shredded coconut to the batter. I made a simple vanilla buttercream for the frosting and topped them with more shredded coconut. I only made 1/4 of the recipe and I got 12 mini cupcakes out of it. The cupcakes were really moist with a nice coconut flavor. Mr. LITK gave them a rave review -- he said these are the best cupcakes I've ever made! You just can't go wrong with Martha.

Thanks to Jen from
Cinema Cupcakes for a great pick! You can find the recipe on pages 28-29 of Martha Stewart's Cucpakes. Up next month - s'mores cupcakes!


  1. Good to know these can be made without coconut milk - something most of us do not keep on hand! They look lovely.

  2. Such good pics! I also made these without coconut milk and the extract. Hard to find those in our small-town grocery store. These were my favorite so far. Glad to hear your hubby liked them, too.

  3. the coconut milk is almost always in my pantry..and of course, only when i want to use it, i seem to have run out. If i would have thought further, i would have omitted it (the coconut substitute i used) altogether. I'm pleased to know they still had all the coconutty yumminess! nice one!

  4. So cute! Great job. You are really good at baking..AND writing! Not fair! ;)


  5. wow - these look WONDERFUL! And I'm sure they taste just as good without the coconut milk! Very impressed!

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