TWD rewind: mocha-walnut mabled bundt cake

A couple of weeks ago, Erin of When in Doubt... Leave it at 350 picked the mocha-walnut marbled bundt cake.

It's basically a walnut cake vanilla and mocha swirled layers. I used almonds instead of walnuts, and it turned out wonderfully. I didn't quite get the 'gingko leaf' pattern Dorie mentions...but oh well. Regular old swirl worked for me!

The cake was light and moist and the mocha swirl added just the right amount of richness. Almost like an almond pound cake but lighter. It stayed fresh for most of the week and was delicious with coffee. I left it plain, but this would have been great with a vanilla or mocha glaze. Or a scoop of ice cream! I was concerned my bundt pan was going to overflow (this makes a LOT of batter) so I made one jumbo muffin/cupcake - it was delicious that way, too!


  1. It looks good. I like that last slice..yum! I made muffins with this recipe and loved them!

  2. YOur bundt cake looks delicious! I think you got the swirl beautifully.

  3. Looks delicious. My swirl cake didn't turn out as good as yours! Check out my blog, we could follow each other :D